Are you ready to break free from the grip of burnout?

Ever wished you could instantly clear your calendar so you could breathe again? Want your time and energy back so you can focus on the needle moving projects in your business?

If so, the Burnout Relief Kit for Entrepreneurs is for you.

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    Pam Kriangkum

    Business coach for historically marginalized entrepreneurs and creatives

    Imagine waking up where you can:

    • Feel a deep sense calm and ease into your morning with joy instead of rolling out of bed in a panic and rushing to work
    • Spend guilt-free time with friends and family without your to-do list breathing down your neck
    • Finally have the energy to build the business of your dreams

    What is the Burnout Relief Kit?

    This kit is a series of gentle prompts and easy daily actions that’ll help you relieve the pressure of burnout and overwhelm so you can breathe again and reclaim your energy.

    This kit was created after years of experimenting with different methods, techniques, habits, and exercises to kick burnout to the curb after personally suffering multiple years of major burnout in business and life.