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Holiday Marketing Made Easy

Learn how to sell with ease this holiday season

This 2-part workshop series are designed for product based businesses and to prep you for the holiday season so you can:

  • Stop rushing to write or design your marketing pieces at the last minute

  • Make more money and have time for the things you want to do during the holiday season

  • Have more time to spend on the important activities in your biz that only YOU can accomplish

Workshop Details

When: On Demand - Free

Workshop #1
From Browsers to Buyers

Want to learn the secret to converting online window shoppers into raving customers? In our first workshop, you'll learn the need to knows about the 3 kinds of buyers that exist and how to sell to them, and how to create future-proofed sales that'll make you feel like you're printing money weekly.

Workshop #2

Holiday Marketing Made Easy

In this workshop, you'll learn how to plan holiday content on the fly so you can glide through November and December without scrambling at the last minute, how to make easy tweaks to your website to maximize holiday buying, and the platform to use to boost your last minute sales.

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